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Perpetual Beta

April 27, 2011

Software updates have long been known for their annoyance, ranging from a single user perspective to a systems administrator perspective, the question is, how do you manage the updates of a large organization and all the software packages that they use.

Simply you cannot, now in saying this, there are applications out there that provide the ability to automate the installation of updates such as WSUS, which is a great tool but this only provides support for Microsoft applications and operating systems with limited support for 3rd party updates, the issue this causes is what if you need to rollback from an update for over 200 computers, WSUS does not have this ability nor does any other Microsoft technology, you would have to re image the machines.

The reason i am talking about this is due to the nature of web applications which use perpetual beta, which in case you are unaware, is a software development stage where the product is always in beta meaning it is always being updated and extended, unlike current desktop applications such as Microsoft Office which is shipped in a box with a dvd as a finished product, once installed you then find there are a mountain of updates/patches which need to be downloaded and installed in order to get the extended functionality.

whereas with a web application such as it is always in beta and hosted on the server side which means any changes which are made to the application affect all users at the same time without their knowledge, for this reason alone, it could be successfully argued that certain web applications could replace traditional desktop applications such as Office, for their ease of patch management. is a web application developed by students to provide a way to better learn by using flashcards, obviously this application is still within beta phase and will continue to be so during its lifecycle as with many web applications harnessing the power of perpetual beta.

it’s an interesting application which allows you to easily create flash cards while creating notes during your normal lecture, it’ll be interesting to see the additional features that this application will have during its life cycle.


Perpetual beta

Perpetual beta wiki


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  1. is an interesting application as you suggested. I just visited the its web site and watched the video how the application works. I think it is good that accepts real students’ opinions to improve its ability. I think by accepting opinions, it can be bit easier for to analyze what functions users want. So I also think can be popular/big in the future. Good post.

  2. darkwaterhorses permalink

    Neat choice of application, kinda broadens my mind into how I should prepare for future exams. Do you see any commercial opportunities that this application may provide whilst it continues to undergo development?

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