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Software No Longer Bound to a Single Device

April 19, 2011

Software has made significant advancements within the last decade with the level of useability that it provides and its platform acceptance, to further expand of it’s useability and platform independence, software has taken on a new form which has allowed the software to be run on multiple platforms, ranging from different desktop operating systems  such as windows,Linux,osx to mobile operating systems such as Android, Windows Mobile and OSX. This new form is known as Web Applications, An Example of this would be PhotoBucket which as mentioned is an web based application which has available on multiple different devices/platforms.

PhotoBucket is a free image hosting application which allows you to upload photos/videos and create albums and share them with your friends by either sending them the link or by using the the added Facebook functionality to post the pictures to Facebook. This allows you to access your photos from any computer in the world as long as it has an internet connection or better yet from a mobile device such as an iPhone or android based phone which further enhances the application as you are able to access it from multiple devices, while giving the user the ability to access the resources they want instantly (in this case their photos) from anywhere in the world this does also raise an important question.

By developing applications that provide instant gratification which are primary aimed at the younger generation, i cant help but think that this will have negative effects on the overall general behavior of the younger generation as they will expect everything to be as fast as web applications such as facebook,twitter and of course Photobucket.

PhotoBucket is just one application among a long list of web applications which can be run on multiple different devices, it is important to realize the significances of this change in culture with respect to these applications and how more web applications are being developed then desktop applications.

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  1. empecee permalink

    Nice and concice. Are there any ownership issues with this application?

    • when using this application for your own personal photos there is no ownership issues, obviously though if your going to upload copyrighted photos to photobucket there can be some copyright issues much the same as you would expect on youtube and other web applications.

  2. I have a photobucket account but found myself using it less and less! If your purpose for uploading photos is for sharing on social networking sites, you can either upload the photos directly on Facebook, or use a service like Twitpic for Twitter. Photobucket just seems to be the “middleman” among this process. How is photobucket positioning itself amongst the competition? Does it have a strong community like Flickr?

  3. while it’s true that photobucket now has to compete with other photo applications as you mentioned, it’s primary goal isnt to be a middleman, it’s primary for users to login to their photobucket account as some users might not want these photos on Facebook etc, as you mentioned Photobucket is easiest to compare against Flickr as both have a strong community base, i for one have always used photobucket and believe it actaully came out before Flickr.

    • I do agree with you, most people who have a photobucket stored their photos in there just because firstly, its easier to store large amount of photos quickly and secondly you can customise it so that only certain people can view it. Thirdly, its because you just want it for ur own viewing? Correct me if i say anything wrong.

  4. I have an account there but never used it, don’t know why. Maybe I have another site’s account, and am using that often. However, it seems interesting, and I’m temped to use this. Thanks for the good article.

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