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Innovation in assembly

March 27, 2011

Innovation in assembly is an interesting concept which relates to how people develop unique platforms from combining several already built systems into a single platform which uses these systems to solve a key issue. These platforms are basically mashups of different services to provide another service.

Before i begin however i must point out an interesting webpage i came across in my research as it was rather  helpful in finding interesting mashups programmableweb.

While i did find many excellent examples of an innovate approach to mashups, such as AntennaSearch, which shows the location of new/old cell reception towers with the Google Maps API; i liked the simplistic nature of 2itch.

2itch is a simple mashup of Google Maps API and Google Adsense which provide a detailed map location for shops which are open 24hours. Although this platform doesnt combine many API’s i still find value in its service, as i’ve often wanted a service like this myself. For example, when studying at 10pm at night and you want to go and get some food you often have to resort to fast food options as you may not be aware of any 24hour shops in your local area.

The great thing about this service is how it harness collective intellective by allowing the data to be edited by it’s users which can add new locations to 2itch without needing to register with an account. 2itch also provides a blog which allows the community to talk about the 24hour services available to them in their area, allowing users to have a better understanding of what is going on in their local area . This application integrates Google API and Google Adsense in an innovative way to provide a practical service to its users, whilst also harnessing the collective intelligence of the community to add content to the various maps and blogs.

2itch currently only covers a few US cities at the present time. However, as it has been observed with many other web 2.0 applications, an Australian version of this application is sure to appear sometime soon, overall 2itch is a great web application that integrates its use of collective intelligence with an innovated approach to using current API’s to provide a beatification service to the general public.




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  1. ProgrammableWeb is a great resource. Thanks for the tip. 2itch sounds useful also, but not for us here in Australia! At least not yet…

  2. 2itch seems interesting but the article is lacking depth. A greater comparison between similar platforms would have been benefical for us.

  3. Good post, Ben. I think 2itch is a fantastic idea and a great example of Innovation in Assembly. While it would be very handy to know where the closest 24hr shops, food and fuel are, the inclusion of pharmacies, hospitals and clinics is even better.

    I agree with Deb, it’ll be even better when it hits Australia, but I’m sure with the continually rapid development of mashups and applications, that will be soon enough.

    I added ProgrammableWeb to the list of recommended sites in Blackboard on your behalf 🙂 It’s a good site.

  4. empecee permalink

    Nice description obout this site.

    however I’m not sure i realy want this type of application.

    The last thing i need to know when i have the midnight munchies is where i can get junk food, both my belly and my wallet don’t need this 😛

  5. Hi,
    Great blog…. I have been reading your blog and I find them very interesting and informative.

    Thank for the link programmableweb. It was very useful!!!!

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