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StaticIce – The Data Behind It.

March 18, 2011

Following my previous post which described how web 2.0 applications such as Google, YouTube, Twitter have changed the way companies interact with data and how they value their data, i thought i’d extend on this topic to further illustrate how almost any web 2.0 application could become the next “Intel Inside”.

When thinking of what to write about for this blog post, i couldn’t help but keep coming back to a web service i use all the time called Staticice.

This webpage i believe is the very definition of a data driven service, as it provides its users with a central location to search for a particular device which you are interested in purchasing, in doing this you are able to see all the different vendors and compare prices between each one for the same product for the end result of purchasing a product for the cheapest price.

How does it do this?, well its based off some rather smart code which regularly collects data from various different sources on the internet, primary different electronic/computer stores such as Umart/MSY etc.

this data is stored in a central database which is connected directory to its web service, this allows very fast lookups for prices. I myself have tested this on many occasions to determine how long it took StaticIce to update its information in regards to product prices on particular sites such as Umart and i realized that it was very up to date.

Wait, what does this all mean? When thinking about the “next Intel Inside” i can see how StaticIce can accomplish this.

  • StaticIce uses it’s data as the primary tool to Attract its user base both consumers and businesses
  • Knowledge is Power, Data is Knowledge and this tool gives that knowledge to its users
  • StaticIce has become a platform for businesses to advertise their content on as these businesses have seen the the power this site has to generate traffic due to its data control.

In saying all of this, there are obviously many other web 2.0 application out there now that provide a similar experience but to my knowledge StaticIce was one of the first companies within Australia to provide a innovate service such as this.




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  1. empecee permalink

    It amazing how the same ideas seem to work again & again. This site seems to be nothing more than a search engine. What i like about this is that it narrows the seraching to a niche set of querries.

    I suppose thats the way an organisation has to opperate if it wants to remain competative in the market.

  2. Sirous permalink

    Where is the users’ role in their data strategy? Are they participating in data generation and collection? Or users are just consumers?

    • The end users role is that of consumers in this instance, StaticIce does collect search query data to further enhance its search results ( much the same way that google does) however the end users play no role in the actaul data collection itself.

  3. WOW!.

    I didnt know about StaticIce until I read your blog.

    I went to check it out to see how it work and I believe it is amazing.

    The thing I most is that it doesnt bring the million of adv that most websites do. I like how simple and clever StaticIce is. I like that is very basic but very hepful.

    Before I used to go to every website to check the prices of any product I want to buy. But thank to your blog I will have to go to one page (staticIce) to do what used to take fews hours.

    I always like to compare prices and StaticIce is about that.

  4. It’s an Interesting Concept

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