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September 23, 2010

To often i have found myself in need of a particular bookmark for a webpage, only to find that i am on a different computer that does not have the bookmark, while for me personally this is not an issue as i generally remember the URL of the webpages i need to visit.

However, for the average user this can be a major issue as a large population of the internet users do not tend to remember the URL, therefore a service that stores you’re bookmarks in a central location within one account accessible from anywhere is needed to fix this issue, Delicious  is this service. actual website here

Delicious has changed the way people bookmark in their daily lives, no longer do users have to be restricted to bookmarks on a single computer, as they now have access to their bookmarks though a simple free web account. It offers some pretty interesting features

  • Tagging of Bookmarks
  • Sharing Bookmarks between users
  • Unique bookmark Profile

although Delicious is an excellent web 2.0 tool, i personally tend to feel that this is something that would be better suited as an add-on for you’re Google account, as they already have so many great tools available to users through you’re Google account and this would just be an excellent addition.

if you’re unaware of delicious please checkout the below video!


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  1. Excellent piece of writing, l quite agree with your submission. I will subscribe to your rss to keep up.

  2. It’s funny, really, that the originators of the URL thought that making people memorise a long string of letters was an ideal memory aid. I mean, sure, it beats having to recall an IP address but that isn’t really that much of an achievement.

    Then again, it could just be another one of those ‘engineers aren’t very good at empathy’ things – if Tim Berners-Lee wants to remember something I’ll be he doesn’t have to resort to writing stuff down.

  3. I’ve faced the same issues constantly being in different environments. The solution that I’ve found to be best for my personal usage has been within chrome default bookmarking system where I link this to my Google account. I know I cannot sync my account bookmarks with my chrome bookmarks (yet) but since I carry around chrome with me and I’m able to install this on machines I currently use I don’t have any issues. I used to use a Firefox add on xmarks but I do not use Firefox often these days so until Google syncs my account bookmarks with my chrome bookmarks.

  4. Mmm delicious thoughts! I had never heard of Delicious before but it certainly sounds useful. I have often thought that the concept of Bookmarks seems so isolated and out-of-date but it takes a whole lot more thinking to be able to come up with a solution. I can’t thank you enough for sharing this tool as it has a very interesting potential.

  5. I love Delicious, it’s a great site that I’ve been using for years! It’s great for finding information. Some times I find that search results from Google can be a bit irrelevant / not exactly what I’m looking for, and Delicious helps me with finding more specifics links. Great post, keep up the good work!

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