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September 22, 2010

SharePoint was first designed as a tool to help collaborate within an organization, while the initial versions did as required they failed to be the best tool for the job, after several revisions SharePoint has become so important in the successful implementation of web 2.0 within an organization that it is sometimes refereed to as the integrated hub, this is due to a number of reasons.

  • Acts as a server application which allows many different plugins (such as wiki’s, forums, twitter)
  • Acts as an authentication server to access these other plugins thus providing web 2.0 tools within a secure environment
  • Provides an medium to use these tools through.

SharePoint has such an important role in web 2.0 that the US air force has implemented it to act as a base ( integrated hub) for social media applications which has allowed for a peer driven approach to learning, as studies have found learning from peers provides a better experience then learning from staff.

SharePoint 2010 is split into the following six key areas  which are listed in the picture below, these key areas cover most aspects of the SLATES model


SharePoint 2010 really has upped it’s game, and is a serious application to consider for web 2.0 implementation, with it’s integration with active directory and web 2.0 tools, it provides organization level security to web 2.0 tools while still allowing users to experience and participate within the experience.


What is Sharepoint 2010?

Microsoft Sharepoint


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  1. Yes, the intranet at my workplace is a Sharepoint Intranet. It has been very successful from the perspective of supporting collaboration and file sharing for projects.

  2. We use Sharepoint a lot in our business. Multiple servers host multiple services for different divisions and sub divisions. The flexibility of Sharepoint is one of its greatest advantages; that and its ability to integrate nicely with other Microsoft provided services.
    I guess that is a bonus of buying under one brand – compatibility.

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