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Social Networking in The Corporate World!

September 16, 2010

Many companies have seen the benefits of social networking through the use of web 2.0 tools, as 90% of these tools are free and offer a huge medium for businesses to promote their products, social networking with the application of web 2.0 tools is defining a new age of promotion and marketing, by allowing companies to activity communicate to their audience and get much needed feedback on their products. Coca-Cola uses  Facebook to promote their product range to it’s customers, this is interesting due to coca-cola’s target audience is teenagers, and a high percentage of the users on Facebook are teenagers, thus allowing coca-cola to reach much of it’s target audience, obviously this has other factors in it as well, such as allowing customers to ask questions related to it’s product range.

Throughout the last few years I’ve been an active member on a number of social networking sites, such as MySpace, MySpace appealed to me when it was first released before you could customize you’re profile, It was the first major social networking site that i had ever used, It had the usual features of a social networking site, the ability to communicate with your friends and family. although after updates to MySpace and the application of customization, i felt that it had become a more complex tool to use, often profiles would take a long time loading, attempting to comment on a friends page was increasingly harder due to media rich profiles, many custom profile websites appeared during this stage of MySpace life, and are still current today.

Allowing a user to customize their profile lead the way for virus’s to be implemented within a profile to catch other users passwords, this is one of the key factors in my decision to stop using this popular social networking site,these same reasons were the reason me and many of my friends moved to Facebook, as it provided a generic easy to use interface which was the same across the board and reduced the chances of getting infected by a virus, although with the development of applications for Facebook,  again i had seen a good social networking tool become something other than what it was needed for, this allowed for custom applications to be written and connected to your Facebook profile which could contain virus’s and misdirect you to fake login pages.

The key factors i believe in successfully using social networking sites and not becoming victims of virus applications are rather simple concepts. user training has always been a huge task within the IT industry, and with the advances in web applications we are seeing a generation of users who have not had the proper training with regard to the internet, applying their bad practices to social networking sites. One policy i live by, If it’s on the internet, don’t trust it, double-check everything, This policy has served me well throughout my years on the internet.

below is an excellent video which details the adoption rate of web 2.0 tools, an excellent video to watch.


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  1. Hi Ben,

    I agree with your outlook upon some of the key issues involved with social networks. Through my recent research on a similar topic, I found evidence that popular social networking applications have major security issues which subject their users to some extreme consequences, such as stolen identity. It makes me think that if corporations get involved with social networks and create their own identities on the internet – the same thing could happen…. *insert sinister music*

    The consequences of a corporation having its identity stolen and misused could be very severe.

    The HD

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