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Wiki’s in the Corporate enviroment

September 12, 2010

Wiki’s have introduced a new level of collaboration within the  corporate environment, users are being taught to put  information onto the wiki instead of sending emails with such information, thus creating a central hub for information for a department, or company this has allowed individual users to have a saying the polices and procedures that are developed for a company. It changes the way people do business and how work is completed from the old style of management vs employee’s, wiki’s have helped developed management + employee = successful collaboration, as each person is allowed their own say and can further feel apart of the business by working within a group collaboration tool such as wiki’s.

Dresdner Kleinwort’s is one example of such a change in practice,  they deployed a 3rd party wiki application to a few different departments to see if it would enhance their productivity, after seeing the initial success they implemented their own custom wiki, they successfully changed the way they collaborate from one to one emails to group wiki, the head of eCommerce Alex Thill has cut down his email by 75% by using tools such as wiki’s,  increasing productivity by allowing all users of a department to have access to a central updatability system of information allows the department to become more productive as they do not have to rely on waiting for an email from a partial user on a design change.

other implementations of wiki’s have come out of users building their own wiki for a small group of users, and then word of mouth has caught on about the wiki which has lead to a interest in using it, using an approach like this can help users gain independent interest in the use of it, instead of being commanded to use it from their boss, using this method can sometimes help prevent failed adoption.

obviously wiki’s can be used in our daily lives for a number of reasons, heres an excellent video explaining some of the uses for wiki’s within education.

I personally find Wiki’s to be very useful, as mentioned in a previous blog post, i’ve setup a wiki for a group project at university, as a way to enhance and better establish a collective workspace for our teams ideas, I’ve used wiki’s since they have first been around, is obviously the most well known use of the wiki technology, which has allowed millions of users to find out information on key topics within seconds. as Wikipedia is a community focused service, the information contained within each entry is verified by multiple people, and can in some instances be more reliable then information from a text book ( although many academic institutes deny this).  I have  also started a Wiki for my uni experience, attempting to store all my notes from university subjects within it, to use as a reference when needed.


Here are some of the resources that i’ve found interesting

Wiki List

Wikis go Viral


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  1. I find it interesting to hear that you utilize a wiki for managing your university notes, how useful are you finding the wiki software in helping to better manage your time/increase productivity?

    Personally I’m fairly lazy and the only Web 2 tool I have utilized in assisting me with university is Google Calendar. I find Google Calendar fairly useful because I can easily sync it with my iPod plus it is also more easily accessible from my email screen than QUT Virtual.

    I also deeply agree about the usefulness of Wikipedia over paper encyclopedias and even commercial software encyclopedias. Wikipedia is an exceptional tool in finding useful information which is usually updated days or even hours after new information has been published about a topic. The content and articles also cover a much broader range than any other encyclopedia and for those who question the credibility of information there are even external links to the original publications of the information for verification.

  2. @raing3, it has certainally helped improve my productivity within my team subjects, it’s also helpful as i list all my notes from my current and previous subjects on their, which makes it a very useful tool for quickly looking up something that i have forgotten.

    normally i would have to look through 10 or so old note books to find the information i needed, needless to say, having it all in one central place such as a wiki provides me access to it from anywhere almost instantly.

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