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Corporate blogging

September 6, 2010

Blogging and Micro Blogging through tools such as twitter can prove to be key factors in success for a company, whether to use as a marketing tool, or an update tool to provide customers with the latest updates. With the craze of the web, corporations have seen the benefits of Blogging  as a medium to increase public awareness and provide a medium to receive feedback on their products/services, Channel Ten uses micro blogging to provide it’s followers with reminders of TV show times and provide a summary on what will happen within a show, Channel Ten primary use Blogging services such as twitter for external communication with its customers in the aim to increase tv ratings which generates them more income.

Obviously in the case of Channel ten the benefits of using blogging as a medium for external communication relates directly to increasing tv ratings for it’s shows which in turn generates more income for the channel.

As mentioned above TV channels use micro blogging as a medium to provide it’s followers with updated information related to shows, the weather is an important factor in news and using twitter to provide fast updates to weather conditions is a great service, the benefits of using twitter to provide real time updates, can prove to be a key factor in survival as in today’s world less people are listening to the radio/tv, so having them following a weather channels tweets can help them to hear storm warnings.

heres an interesting video which showcases some excellent examples of small business using services such as twitter to increase their image to the public

Google uses Blogging for both internal and external communication, they have mentioned that the implementation of the internal blog has been a successful development within the company, employees have used this service to keep up to date notes on projects, to push around idea’s, in Google’s case the use of blogging within their internal team has lead to a lot of creative idea’s, Google also uses Blogging as a platform to let it’s followers know what they are working on, what their projects are and their goals and to allow feedback.

There are obviously benefits for both internal and external blogging within a company, but the question is, what are the negatives?

Well it’s an excellent question, the negatives can be quite huge, as Blog’s and other web 2.0 tools provide the perfect delivery platform to discredit and inflict sustainable cost to a company, All it can take is one bad blog entry about a company from an employee and they could lose millions from their stock, or sensitive information can be leaked to the public in an instant, just as fast as I am writing this, an employee could be using a blog as a platform to harm their company. another aspect to this is the fact that in the example of Channel 10, now they need to keep and maintain their level of exposure through twitter, if they fail to post tweets on a regular basis their followers might get annoyed and leave.

Blogging and micro blogging is a business risk, if you don’t reach you’re target audience you might f ind yourself loosing more customers than you gained as your popularity on these blogging platforms is an important factor in your success in Blogging.

some of the resources i’ve found useful are 4 corporate blogging strategies


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