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Classic Internet

August 20, 2010

Is the Internet Dead as i knew it?

The answer is, Yes.

The internet has come a far way since when i first used it back on Netscape explorer.  back then, most web pages were static, they did not provide a dynamic back end to them and e commerce was no where to be seen.

I never thought the internet would develop as far as it has, back then, my personal view was hardly anyone would be interested in the internet, i found it only useful for people in the Information Technology sector, no every day home user would be interested by it,

Obviously i was far from right, no longer do we simply use the internet to view a static site, everything has become integrated in such a way that we no longer use the internet in the old sense of the matter, nowdays we use the services which are hosted on the internet, we check out the news channels twitter to view the latest news updates, we use facebook to connect with our friends, i wonder when the internet was first developed if anyone saw the potential of the web.

checkout this interesting video on the changes in the web 

It’ll be interesting to see how the internet develops and is used in another 10 years from now, obviously the internet has become a huge marketing tool for business’s and media, as it can reach everyone in real time across any location.

It’s obvious now how important web 2.0 tools for personal use and the enterprise, everyone reading this would most likely use more then 2 web 2.0 tools a day.

Heres an interesting article


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  1. Hey Ben, interesting views bout the internet. I believe that as the speed of the internet increases, the more tools will be developed on the internet. Already there’s web and enterprise 2.0, and soon something radically new will emerge. The possibilities are endless as technology advances dramatically, only time will tell what our future will be like.

    • i think as the internet becomes more reliable and faster connection speeds, we will see more and more content deliveries via the web, just as Google Chrome Os is purpose built to for web applications, we will continue to see a shift between traditional desktop applications and web based applications, which will obviously be powered by the open source community. I believe we are currently at a cross roads between desktop applications and web applications, more and more applications are being developed for web use, and within the next 10 years most of our applications we use on a daily basis will be done via web applications instead, which will obviously allow for greater productivity as you are able to access these applications anywhere in the world.

      It’ll be interesting to see if Microsoft decide to develop a web based OS like Google has done. it has the potential to be great.

  2. interesting thoughts in your post ben and your reply amiel… with google, microsoft and even ubuntu offering ‘clouds’ im sure we’re going to see this happen soon rather then later. i love the way the internet is heading constantly having the latest content at your finger tips and this has become a must in my everyday life. i feel the internet is going to go from users finding content towards the content finding the users. so your routine, likes, dislikes and interested were your personal content filters when you go shopping so you can access what you want faster and with less hassle.

  3. Dear admin, thnx for sharing this blog post. I found it wonderful. Best regards, Victoria…

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