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Email outdated

August 14, 2010

Lately I’ve been working on a group project which requires alot of collaboration, we have been using email to collaboration, after looking back through my email history i’ve noticed that the original email has had 60 replies.

Since studying Enterprise 2.0, I’ve used various web 2.0 technologies and learnt the benefits and uses of them, So i decided to setup a Wiki for the group project, as document version has been hard to maintain using email and believe it’ll be easier to maintain the project with using a Wiki.

The reason i’ve chosen to use a wiki setup instead of some other tool like Google Wave, is Wiki still provides a proper topic structure to easily find information. There are plenty of different Wiki Packages you can use, but i used DokuWiki Checkout the below video on Wiki’s.

As a carry on from my previous Blog, after reading a case study on VistaPrint, they successfully implemented a wiki system and managed to make the staff change their thinking away from traditional email towards a new system.

The key issues relating to implementing a web 2.0 technology in the enterprise

  • Time and Cost involved with training staff in the system
  • Convincing staff to use the new system as
  • Ensuring the product meets the needs of the company
  • Usability and ease of use
  • Security of the product, if it gets hacked who is liable
  • Reliability, is there going to be downtime from the provider?
  • The benefits are apparent

  • Document Control
  • Central Information Base
  • Increase Communication between users
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    1. Hey Ben,

      Had a similar scenario last semester with a group project that required frequent online collaboration. We were communicating through emails and it was really difficult to keep track of what was going on, especially when you’re bombarded with replies. As a solution, one of group member told us to use google wave and it made things a lot easier for us! The only problem i had with google wave was that it crashed a couple of times. It was probably because it was on beta?

      • Google wave is an excellent tool for collaboration, As with any technology the code will always have some bug in it somewhere which will cause it to crash, it’s just a shame google wave didnt get adopted by the public, mostly due to the fact that no one knows anything about it i believe, they should have done a marketing campaign. Have you used any other tools for collaboration in group projects other then Google Wave, I’d really like something like GoogleWave but abit more structed, like a wiki with intergrated live chat would be very useful.

    2. I agree email is dead. Web2.0 will hold the future for group collaboration.

    3. I have also noticed that email, while good for generalized ‘back-and-forth’ style conversations; severely lacks when needing to communicate with a group of people.
      Would i say email is outdated? No, not really.
      It has its place, and can be extremely handy when needing to exchange data or information in a quick, person-to-person basis, but is not very expandable once you hit multiple people.

      Two things come to mind when thinking of ways to allow for teams to communicate without hassle: Forums and Wiki’s.

      Being one of the team members in Ben’s group, i can directly relate to what he is talking about. Ben was so nice as to provide us with a wiki to use, and this has helped us greatly. All information is central and you don’t need to go browsing through emails looking for one of the “Re: the assignment” emails for that one bit of information.

      Web 2.0 software is the way to go, and the more uptake of web 2.0 structures organizations use, the more likely it is to see different and more intelligent types of web 2.0 applications.

      An exciting future ahead of us.

    4. I agree it’s ashame that Google wave will be taken away from the public, when I first viewed this video I was amazed but I really didn’t find myself able to take advantage of it. I see where Nathan Flemming is coming from, email is going to be used in organisations just like mail is still being used today. What I believe is the use of email will change leaving announcements, memos, newsletters, meeting discussions etc to other newer 2.0 technologies.

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