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Enterprise 2.0 at play

August 11, 2010

When dealing with technology, there is always risks and benefits of using it, careful consideration has to be made when deciding to implement an update or a new application as the implications that it causes could be far worse then the benefits of the application.

This same principal applies to web 2.0 tools in the enterprise, one huge risk that comes into play when implementing a web 2.0 tool into an enterprise is Security.

If you’re users are using Google doc’s instead of Word etc, then backing up documents becomes more challenging, there is also the aspect of reliability, back in 2008 google had issues that affected gmail users. I remember not being able to access my email for over a 5 hour period. As a system administrator if i had migrated my staff to Google Apps, then the company i work for would potentially loose income due to not being able to access email.

There is also the aspect of security, if the Google apps account gets hacked then the company could have important documents leaked to the public which could damage the company public image.

Another added risk is adoption, after implementing an enterprise tool like Wiki, training users into using the new technology instead of their foundational email can be quite hard, and will often lead to users reverting back to the system they know and love. Email.

There are plenty of benefits as well, implementing a wiki can help improve teamwork within an organization by using it as a tool to store information and collaborate on projects which can increase productivity of the business as version control as maintained within one central place. instead of working in a central place and time zone, with the implementation of web 2.0 tools such a wiki’s integrated with sharepoint, it allows employee’s to work from any location in any time zone to complete work and collaborate with other staff, this can greatly improve productivity as companies can hire staff from other locations at cheaper rates.

Web 2.0 has its place in an Enterprise and with with the right application of technology for the right use, it can be very beneficial in connecting staff together to improve team relations and collaboration which increases productivity and helps the enterprise manage their environment.

If implemented in a rush without proper consideration and discussion web 2.0 tools can provide little or no benefit to the enterprise as they fail to get adopted. Google Wave is an excellent use of web 2.0 technology, as it integrates many different aspects of social networking and email together, although due to the general public not knowing about the technology, it has failed to be adopted by the general public, this is a key example of how a great web 2.0 tool for collaboration failed to be used due to the general public not understanding how to use it.

The below gives a good explanation of the benefits of a collaboration tool vs traditional email


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  1. Hi Ben,

    I use Google Wave often. It’s sad it is on it’s way out though – good to see other people know what it’s about. Do you use it much?


    • I dont really have a use for it, but it’s an amazing technology, wish more people used it so it wasn’t dieing.

  2. You suggested in your reply to Anthony that Google Wave is dying – do you really think it is? And if it is, where do you see that going from here – more people adopting it and ‘saving’ it or it getting superceded?

    • I believe its dead even google has this belief, its largely due to no one knowing about the product. Google wave will not be saved as people will fail to adopt it as a useful service. A product can be the best invention yet not do well In the market place if it has no customers, in this case users. Google wave shows the abilitys of the technology but lacks demand for such a product, I believe we are yet to see the end of this technogly from google, but in its curremt form google wave we can expect to see it outdated sooner rather then later.

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