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August 9, 2010

I dont believe twitter really is very useful to the workplace, as its limited tweet sizes provide little room for you to update anything other then you’re mood/status, the workplace really needs a tool which is collaborative, late last year i was reading about Google Wave It’s an exciting technology.

which allows for real time communcation through intergrating emails,wikis,IM, it’s the first of its kind to provide the collaborative power that it holds, it would be great for the work place which has alot of collaborative work, although due to Google Wave not being adopted by many users ( most likey due to the inital confusion of how to use google wave) Google has decided to end support for the Technology at the end of the year.

Obviously it will be a shame to see this tool not being used as widely as other tools such as twitter/facebook
but it is a great example of an excellent collaborative tool, but like anything it needs a userbase to survive.


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  1. I completely agree with you on the effectiveness of Twitter in the workplace. Wikis and forums are a far better tool as the information is stored and always accessible where as Twitter is limited to size and your post can easily disappear down the list as new tweets are posted, thus increasing the chance that no one even sees it.

  2. I totally agree with you about twitter and facebook. I think facebook is personal site where people share what is going on in their personal life.

    I check the google wave and I think it look an awesome tool!!!… It look simple and easy to use and doesnt have a word limit as twitter has.

    If someone what to know more about google wave, here is a link to a video that explain how google wave works..

    I think Google wave is like Google doc but the communcaiton is more instant than is in Google doc.

  3. Unfortunately despite how good the technology introduced is, it is up to the users whether it is adopted or not. Social sites sadly seem to follow trends and whims of the public now (ie adoption of Facebook after the falling popularity of MySpace).

  4. I think it can be used, by both internal staff to communicate or put forward ideas but also by companies to monitor twitter to see if they are mentioned. I’ve seen companies implement a Twitter connector into a CRM system which looks for certain hashtags (eg, hashtag for Microsoft is #Microsoft). If this is mentioned then the details of that Tweet are included in a new record within CRM and follow up can happen with that particular person. It’s pretty cool stuff. Details here. This solution is used with Microsoft CRM

    • That’s an interesting use of technology, I wasn’t aware that Microsoft had become so integrated with other technologies, the ability to be able to monitor twitter through a CRM system is well awesome.

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