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Web 2.0 Tools

August 5, 2010

KnowEm is a great tool to checkout whether you’re user-name has been taken on different social network sites, I’ve often wanted a tool that would do this, as manually going through hundreds of sites checking to see if you can sign up with you’re username can be painful, although to actually signup to all of the listed networks through

KnowEm you have to pay a one time fee. but if you’re just after a tool that allows you to add different social networks onto you’re profile to use to further increase you’re appearance on the web then it’s a great tool.

It’s a great example of a web 2.0 tool that can increase you’re productivity as you do not have to manually check hundards of sites for you’re username now that you can do it through one website. you can view my KnowEm profile here

Linkedin in my opinion is one of the most important web 2.0 tools i’ve come across so far, it’s the myspace/facebook for professionals looking to get their online resume out there into the public, it allows users to search for jobs that are relevant to them, and employers to search for relevant employee’s, It’s certainly one of the most important online profiles i will keep updated.

web 2.0 tools such as facebook increase my productivity as i can communicate with friends almost instantly instead of having to wait for a conventional email which people normally only check once a day. obviously replacing traditional email in the work place with a web 2.0 system such as facebook/twitter would increase productivity as important information would be received within seconds. not minutes or hours depending on you’re email settings.


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  1. Sirous- Tutor permalink

    Hi Ben
    Intersting tool you have introduced here. It is a good idea to tell your friend bout this tool by using Twitter.
    Since your blog is firstly about Enterprise 2.0, heading to Enterprise 2.0 subjects can also add more value to you blog.
    Good luck
    Sirous Panahi

  2. I saw your blog post on KnowEm and decided to check it out for myself. There were a few bugs with checking some sites, but on the whole is a great tool to improve and share your online profiles.

    I have now created my own profile there to share in the same experience.

    • Like anything in technology nothing is perfect, but this tool comes as close as possible, i’m glad i found such a useful tool. i hope you find it as useful as i do.

    • Hi Snowden,

      Thanks for checking our site out – if you can let me know of any buys I would appreciate it. The sites tend to change code a lot and at times its hard to keep up. Please feel to email me directly michael at knowem dot com and I will fix!

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