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Thoughts on Blogging

July 30, 2010

What is the purpose of a Blog?

A blog is an online journal as such, allowing users to express their opinion and thoughts of any topic they choose, the use of blogs shows how far society has come in terms of communication, no longer are we bound by conventional commutation methods that prevent us from reaching a huge audience, such methods as radio, television, newspapers.

All of these social media methods have huge limitations, mainly unable to update information in a short period of time, these are outdated delivery methods.With the creation of more and more web 2.0 sites it’s clear that the public is moving away from these old systems of TV and newspaper and letters,  and into a new era of the web.
The online community provides a much easier and simpler way to retrieve information, it also allows the ability to moderate the information and quickly update incorrect information, the internet has truly changed how our society interact and communicate with each other.

Checkout the Video on Blogs.

Blogs are now a normal trend in our society that provide us with content update into a persons life or current work, they are a great medium for expressing yourself as an individual and getting you’re social identity out there in the public.

I plan on using blogs to express my opinions on area’s I’m interested in, the social interaction that comes with blogs allows for great collaboration  which really is the main purpose of using the blog, along with improving my internet presence.

Sacha Chua is an Enterprise 2.0 consultant working at IBM, she has ultizlised aspects of SLATES to create an online identity for herself  and community base, she has written several blogs on Enterprise 2.0 along with heaps of other topics.

here is the link to her blog if your interested

Other Enterprise 2.0/Web 2.0 Blogs


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  1. Hi, Interesting blog you have there. Anyway, I was wondering if you could also participate in Enterprise 2.0 forum. I have hosted a forum at ( Registrations are FREE and you can choose your own Avatars, username, password, polling services and more coming soon as part of our Perpetual Beta journey. The limits are endless. I encourage you including myself to make use of this Wiki to enhance our Collective User Intelligence and Rich User Experience by together, we are going to achieve and dominate this Enterprise 2.0 activities throughout this Semester. Your feedbacks are important to make this forum a success by posting it in Discussion,FAQs, etc. If you are interested to have RSS feeds in your Smartphones or blogs, you can enter this feed below:

    Main Enterprise Forum –
    Active topics in the forum –
    New topics in the forum –

    If you are new using this forum (me too – never too old to learn!), don’t worry there’s a lot of useful information in the forum such as FAQ, Search and also there is some hints I will try to post under respective categories. There is nothing such as “Stupid questions”, so feel free to post anything that we feel benefit others and ourselves. There is also a video tutorial (step-by-step) how to go about this forum, which makes it more easier for us to master it , and of course I will also put a link with other communities (who are using this kind of platform to date) so that we are not alone. Consequently, we will live in a knowledge-based world of community.

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